Treasury Audit


To compile and complete an audit program of the Central Government accounts under the control of the Chief Accountant and all Accounting Officers under the requirement of Part V of the Public Finance (Control and Audit) Ordinance (rev.1998).

Audit Responsibilities:

In this connection the Senior Auditor is responsible to the Auditor General inter alia for:

  1. verification of the correctness of the Republic Financial Statements comprising Statement of Assets & Liabilities, Statement of Receipts & Payments and other relevant ledger statements submitted by the Chief Accountant to ensure that affairs are presented fairly;
  2. conducting periodic examination of the Accounting Division subsidiary ledger accounts and issue letters of enquiry arising from such examinations;
  3. the selection of recurrent revenue and expenditure items requiring detailed analysis;
  4. examination of specific vouchers and accounts as directed by Principle Auditor (Operations), Deputy Auditor General or Auditor General;
  5. conducting the examination of the RERF including foreign investments and Special Funds;
  6. conducting  periodic examination of statutory expenditure warranted by the Minister of Finance;
  7. taking action on correspondence on files in his/her schedule which is additional to those subjects arising from the above functions: (i) audit of pensions and gratuities (ii) salaries, wages, leave and collection of such revenue
  8. auditing income tax records and collection of such revenue;
  9. examination of arrears of revenue returns and follow up action on such collections;
  10. examination of records relating to sums provided by appropriation;
  11. following up to conclusion matters arising from (k) above;
  12. assisting with obtaining details for inclusion in Annual Reports and verifying contents under the instruction of the Auditor General;
  13. examining and as necessary commenting upon stock verification and Board of Survey reports;
  14. maintaining continuous audit of money orders and Savings Bank accounts;
  15. bringing to the attention of the Principle Auditor (Operations) any amendments necessarily required to current audit guides and manuals associated with this schedule of duties;
  16. generating audit programs for each activity set out in the audit plan, and to seek approval for them from the Principle Auditor (Operations).


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