Performance and Project Audit

Auditor General’s mandate

PerformanceProjectpic1Although, there is no specific provision of the mandate regarding performance audit, however, the Auditor General is empowered under Cap 79 Public finance (Control and Audit)  as amended 2010 to select and examine all or part of government activities from different perspectives to ensure accountability and good custody of public moneys.

What is performance auditing?

Performance audits are reviews designed to determine how efficiently and effectively a government program or agency in carrying out its functions. More typically INTOSAI’s Auditing Standards (AS 1.0.38 and 1.0.40) stated that performance auditing is concerned with the audit of economy, efficiency and effectiveness and embraces:

  1. audit of the economy of administrative activities in accordance with sound administrative principles and practices, and management policies;
  2. audit of the efficiency of utilisation of human, financial and other resources, including examination of information systems, performance measures and monitoring arrangements, and procedures followed by audited entities for remedying identified deficiencies; and
  3. audit of the effectiveness of performance in relation to achievement of the objectiveness of the audited entity, and audit of the actual impact of activities compared with the intended impact’.

Performance auditing is based on decisions made or goals established by the legislature, and it may be carried out throughout the whole public sector.

Why do we conduct performance audit?

Performance audit provides independent assurance to Parliament and the people of Kiribati that public moneys are being spent efficiently, effectively, in accordance with the law and ensure that the people of Kiribati receive value for money from government activities and services.
Performance audit will also assist the accountability process by holding agencies accountable for their performance.



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