IT Auditing

The Kiribati Government Ministries and Companies have become increasingly dependent on computerized information systems to carry out their operations and to process, maintain and report essential information. As a consequence, the reliability of computerized data and the systems that process, maintain the report these data are a major concern to audit. Therefore the Kiribati Government has highlighted in the National Development Strategies (NDS) for the Period 2004-2009, under the Key Policy Area 1: Economic Growth, Issue 5: Continuing rapid developments in Information Technology (IT) was the need to take stock of the IT situation for the Government of Kiribati. In response to this need as well as upgrading the types of audits conducted by this office, Information Technology (IT) auditing wascarried out.


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What We Do:

IT auditing is a branch of general auditing in KNAO which is concerned with the control of information and communications technologies especially computer System within the ministries of the Kiribati Government and its own companies. We primarily study computer systems and networks for Government ministries and companies by focusing attention on examining the effectiveness of their technical and procedural controls to minimize risks.

The scope of our IT audit included an evaluation of IT-related general controls on IT functions within the Kiribati Government ministries and own companies. This Office examine IT-related areas including Security Policy, Physical and Environmental Security, Access Control, Data Backup or on-site and offsite storage backup and Information Systems acquition, Development and maintenance. We also examined Procurement and Inventory record-keeping of IT-related assets.


How we do it:

itauditDuring the auditing we interviewed IT Managers, Staff who were responsible for IT system in their company or Ministry. We also reviewed selected documentation, and observed computer rooms. 



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