Departmental Audit

Government BuildingTo compile audit programs, conduct the audit and to lead teams for the audit of Government Ministries/Offices and specialised areas, as required in Part V of the Public Finance (Control and Audit) Act.

Audit Procedure:

In this matter the Senior Auditor is responsible to the Auditor General inter alia for:

  1. Carrying out the audit of Government Ministries and Offices, in the manner detailed in the audit guide;
  2. Carrying out the audit of accounts and records of specialised areas of Government Ministries including revolving funds;
  3. Maintenance of continuity checks on the issue and use of revenue receipt books and other accountable documents;
  4. Undertaking audit review of computer systems in government departments;
  5. Undertaking audit of systems of taxation within the Government and commercial sector;
  6. Undertaking systems based and efficiency reviews of any financial systems in any of the Government Ministries, but with particular reference to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education;
  7. Issuing reports and follow up to conclusion matters arising from audit inspections carried out in (a) to (e) above;
  8. Drafting audit reports for submission to Management and Parliament and assisting in obtaining details for inclusion in the Annual Reports and rectifying contents under the instruction of the Auditor General;
  9. Taking responsibility for the correspondence files appropriate to the duties of the section;
  10. Carrying out any specific investigations into the activities of any Government Ministries/Offices or specialised areas as required by the Auditor general;
  11. Bringing to the attention of the Principle Auditor (Operations) any amendments needed to current audit guide and manuals associated with his/her Schedule of Duties;
  12. Assisting the Principle Auditor (Operations) in the compilation of the annual audit plan;
  13. Generating audit programs for each activity set out in the audit plan and to seek approval for them from the Principle Auditor (Operations).





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